Saturday, September 06, 2008

FEMA's Here, Now I'm Relaxed

There is an article in the Baton Rouge paper, The Advocate, that discusses how FEMA has setup a blue roof program . This is where FEMA comes out and puts blue tarps on your roof to keep the rain out. They are still in the process of setting up. News flash, the storm was Monday, it rained Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you didn't tart your roof, your house is already ruined. I'm glad to see it's Saturday, 5 days after the storm and FEMA is "setting up". In emergencies, if you don't take your own problems and tackle them yourselves, you are going to be disappointed in the results. FEMA does some wonderful things after the storm and offers money for different projects but waiting 5 days after the event is not acceptable. Remember, go get the tarps before you need them.

US Mail, UPS and FedEx are up and running. Most people were getting service by Wednesday. The Advoacte printing press has no power and the paper is being printed in Mobile, AL and shipped in. For you detectives out there, think about this. The State paper, the paper in the capital city, the 2nd largest paper in the state before Katrina - largest now, can't get power to the printing press. You don't think those people are connected? There can be only one answer - you can't get power to the press because the power outage is so severe there isn't a way to do it.


KA Consultant said...

Thank you for providing this update and insight into Praireville. I've been volunteering with Katrina's Angels for over three years. I really thought FEMA would get it together by now. The one positive was the organized evacuation and the blessing that very few lifes were lost this time. Keep strong and please keep the updates coming. We have a whole community of people interested in what you have to say!!
I will be sharing your article with my forum at

Anonymous said...

You cajuns think it is so easy to provide support everytime a hurricane hits. Why should we bust our ass just so you can go back to bourbon street and have another hurricane party! Maybe if you did not act like the alcoholics that you are, we would be more responsive to your needs. By the way, dem some good daiquiris in da bayou!


Anonymous said...

Kool site - keep it up. You're right - not much news about BTR nationally. Funny the skills you aquire whether you want them or not. Maybe the people who are useless in a crisis have other skills -- like completing FEMA papers as a super power of some kind??

Anonymous said...

Saul, you Suck!