Saturday, September 03, 2011

Hey Lee! Enough with the bread already!

This certainly came out of nowhere. Most big storms start off the west coast of Africa, come across the Atlantic and move into the gulf. This one started off as a depression and moved into a full tropical storm. From the beginning it looked like a huge rain event, but now its packing some wind with it. Nothing too bad but its like the marathon runner versus the sprinter. It hasn't stopped for 12 hours and slowly (very slowly) is getting stronger.

Because this came out of no where, we didn't have the usual panic of buying food and gas. I think a lot of people stay somewhat prepared although I did speak with several who were planning on getting gas etc. Friday night. On the drive home the grocery stores and usual suspects didn't seem to have a significantly larger amount of people in them. We decided, rather than wait until Saturday or Sunday for the weekly food run, we should do it before the heavy rain really set it.

No panic in the food aisles or miles of empty shelves like a few days before a hurricane. One thing that was funny was the bread aisle. There was exactly one loaf of bread, now in our pantry. Are sandwiches the new survival food? I don't understand, you have to keep meet and cheese cold, there are better quick things to eat and I can only eat so much peanut butter especially when milk is in short supply. Why the run on bread? Am I missing something?

We'll keep an eye on this bad boy. So far nothing significant. A small loss of power at 4am but other than that, just another rain storm that won't end.

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