Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And Now For the Real Story

Still looks like the max winds in Baton Rouge area were 91 mph. There are unconfirmed reports of 100+ mph. Every report is that this is the most damage that Baton Rouge has seen ever.

I managed to get a report from St. Mary Parish. 100% has no power. This includes Morgan City, Baldwin, Berwick, Franklin and Patterson. Many residents stayed. Fortunately, they did not get the 120 mph winds for the 12 hour period that was predicted. No word on the extent of the damage but it could have been much worse.

Major damage in Lafourche and Terrebonne Parishes. This included Thibodaux and Houma. "There isn't a house that doesn't have damage" is how it was put to me. I'm sure this may not turn out to be literal, but it illustrates the massive amount of damage. Those Parishes had minimal damage after Katrina. I asked about flooding and could not get a straight answer. There was definitely significant water, but not sure about flooding. I know that Terrebonne is completely closed off. These two Parishes plus Plaquemines will be the ones to watch.

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